Private Yoga Sessions

Group classes for companies or private groups

I am happy to offer yoga sessions to offices, company off-sites or hotels. I can bring along all yoga equipment. The price varies depending on travel time. Please contact me on or on +4790273304

Yoga calms the mind, improves your balance, makes your body both more strong and more flexible. 

Improved posture Yoga encourages students to observe the body, to periodically move our attention away from the head and thoughts, into the body. With this we learn to pay more attention to how we stand, walk, work, sleep and practice sports, and even more importantly to how we behave and communicate. 

Improved balance & stability Balancing postures rejuvenates the body and sharpens the mind. New. studies within neuroscience show that balancing postures improve the connection between brain and body, which in the long run can prevent mind loss and altztheimer. 

Focused breath control and relaxation to release tension We better master activities when we are at ease. Becoming aware of our breathing and slow it down, calms the nervous system and allows us to be more present and more focused.

Increased flexibility Yoga involves a lot of stretching, this will heighten your overall wellness, improve your power and consistency, and prevent stiff and sore muscles and tendons.

Heightened body awareness and improved core strength Many yoga postures work on the core muscles. Improved core strength helps your posture, digestion, breathing and prevents you from stooping forward when older. 

Yoga counteracts hours of hunching and bending down at the course A yoga class will always involve forward bends, back bending and twisting, all balanced and in equal amounts. All above preventing and improving back problems.

Relieved lower back pain and counteracting tension from repeated spinal rotation Some of the most efficient yoga postures are slow and meditative. These restorative poses elongate the muscles and entice tendons and tissue to stretch slowly.

Private classes can be booked via sms on; +4790273304